Ken (KD) Bantz
New Album and Video Posted: Feb 16, 2019
Alright-have been out of touch/sight for a while-why-been in the Cloister studio with the infamous engineer Jon Gillespie and have laid out 10 new songs. Recording and mixing of the project, "The Blue Sky Sessions" is almost completed. We started in October of last year and what a journey it has been-had been working on these songs for quite some time-like 3 years-and it was so cool seeing them come too life in the studio. Hopefully will be looking at an early spring release.
Secondly, one of the songs on this album is an instrumental "Flight of the Monarch"-which its about the life and migration of the Monarch butterfly-what an amazing creature-it travels hundreds of miles in the late summer early fall from the US to Mexico. Hope to raise some awareness-as the Monarch's habitat is being depleted. Played this song on a Nashville guitar-the tone from fingerpicking this guitar is mystical and Brian Lawrence-video director-is doing a wonderful job of marrying the audio to the visual beauty of the Monarch. Release should be soon.
Peace and all the best, kb

A Toast To Trails Posted: Oct 23, 2018
Playing an acoustic show to help with the annual fundraiser for the Jay County Trails Club. The club's purpose is to maintain and extend trails for biking and hiking in Jay County. Looking forward to this event-should be a grand time for a grand cause.

Back In the Studio Posted: Oct 12, 2018
Headed back in the studio-have been writing/developing new material for the past couple of years and it's time. Looking forward to laying these tunes out and seeing how they come to life on the studio-some rockers, mellow groovers and ballads. Back to rehearsing.

All the best,


ORANGE SHIRT DAY Posted: Jun 2, 2018
I went to an Orange Shirt Rally in Bloomington, Indiana yesterday-June1, rallies are being held nationwide this weekend to raise awareness concerning gun violence. Please note-most folks there just want gun safety-one program offered is called SMART-which is not anti-gun-but advocates safe gun ownership practices in the home-for example- if you have kids and guns then the guns should be in a secure place where the kids can not access them-just common sense-imagine if these practices had been in effect at least some of the kids that have committed school gun violence may never have had access to a gun. There are SMART folks all around the country that will make free presentations to your club or social group-get informed, get SMART-save young lives.

Peace, love snd all the best, KDB

Saturday March 24th March for Life Posted: Mar 20, 2018
The marches this weekend are for a grand cause-our young people in this country deserve too live/attend schools without living in fear of gun violence-as artists we need to speak out and support our youth and teachers. It is time we have well thought out solutions to this problem. Mind you, I am not anti gun-but there needs to be well thought out/common sense measures taken/studies performed to arrive at viable solutions to this problem. The time is know, for we have lost too many-too many "Lost Flowers in the Rain"-a song I wrote addressing this issue-please see my site for a free download and also-please spread the word.

Peace, love and all the best, KDB

Upcoming Shows Posted: Apr 2, 2014
Hi all,

Have a show this weekend at a cool venue in Ft.Wayne, The Dash-In off of Calhoun St. Place just has a good vibe to it-plus fine craft beers and food-Have a number of other upcoming shows-please check my events calendar on this site for details.

Peace and all the best,


Philip Seymour Hoffman Posted: Feb 7, 2014
Philip Seymour Hoffman-what a talent-I'm bummed-why do the talented/gifted ones have to go so young/early. Rest in peace brother.

Show Updates Posted: Nov 10, 2013
Time is a flying-had two shows the past week. On 11/2 played at a new venue in Bloomington, IN, The Trailhead-great pizza and tasty selection of micro-brews-I thoroughly enjoyed this space-cozy, warm and great sound system-thanks again Dan for dialing me in so superbly and inviting me down to play-looking forward to the opportunity perform there again.
Last night played for the Artist Alcove annual artists reception in good ol Portland. Saw some amazing art work, plus the folks that make-up the Alcove are just a good bunch of folks-was truly honored to be asked to perform the music for this event-thanks Artist Alcove for letting me be a part of this happening.

The Trailhead Posted: Oct 22, 2013

Wow-last couple of months have blown by-had planned on being out and about more-but wrecked/rolled my car a few times in mid-August and am now just getting up to speed. No serious injuries-at least they think none- but sure got the heck beat out of me. Event like that makes one ponder a lot of things-brings a bit of perspective to life.
Have a fun gig planned at a place near Bloomington, Indiana called The Trailhead on Sat. 11/2 from 7-10pm (what a cool name The Trailhead-just the name brings back fond memories of hiking in the mountains of the Great Northwest. Looking forward to playing some songs off the new release "This is Heaven"-also looking forward to hooking up with a friend and music compadre, Dan Figuerlli-who played on and produced "This is Heaven". The Trailhead is a laid back place, good venue to kick back and enjoy some tunes, eat some good food and have a beer or two-should be a good time. I'll be playing some songs from "This is Heaven", some from my previous two releases- "You Can't Go Back" and "Complete the Circle"-plus some unreleased tunes fresh off the presses and some of my favorite covers. Hope to see you there.
Peace and all the best---Ken

Trip To Nasshville, TN Posted: Aug 11, 2013
Just returned from a visit to Nashville, TN. Hooked up with a good friend used to backpack with in Oregonhad and spent some time playing music, visiting and a little fishing at Ron's pond (fishing wasn't too serious-too busy visiting, telling stories and sipping on some tasty micro brews). Always good for the soul to see Ron-good musician and song writer in his own right-and man-is his daughter Anna ever the talent-only 13 and already an established player and writer. Ron, LeNaye, Anna-thanks for the hospitality and just good ol friendship.
Peace and all the best,


Benefit For Emily Grider Posted: May 30, 2013
Have an important show coming up-benefit for a talented young woman named Emily Grider-you see-Emily is a senior in high school-runs track, good student and grandaughter of a friend of mine named Regina (who is a real character and sister of a dear deceased friend-Charlie Noble). Emily found last July she has leukemia-shes been putting up a good fight-going to classes when she can and keeping a positive attitude. Naturally this fight has been expensive-cancer treatment is not cheap-so a benefit is being put on to help defray the costs of Emily's treatments-so come on out to the Royerton Amvets on June 8-from 11 to 4 and let's give Emily all the support and love we can!

Spring is Here Posted: Apr 6, 2013
Finally, spring is here-rugged winter in Indiana-but the birds are singing and you can feel winter has finally lost its grip-put up a new bluebird house a couple of weeks ago and saw that there were some occupants just the other day.
Response to "This is Heaven" has been mighty fine-have some Americana stations giving it some spins and very warm responses from you listeners-truly appreciate it and humbled-thanks for listening and spreading the word.
Peace and all the best and remember the words of the great Benjamin Franklin "Beer is God's way of showing us he loves us"

Thi is Heaven Update Posted: Jan 18, 2013
The responses I have been receiving for the pre-released copies of "This is Heaven"-sent a number out as Xmas gifts and promos- has been beyond expectations. What's interesting is that different folks have different songs that are their favorites. Was fortunate to have producer Dan Figuerlli whose exp includes The Sound Factory, Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band and Paul(MKS)Mahern-who over saw the project and performed mix/mastering. Paul brought a lot to the table-exp with John Mellencamp,Willie Nelson, Neil Young, James McMurtry and T-Bone Burnett-among others-thanks again to White Arc Studios and all the project musicians.

All the best, Ken

This is Heaven Posted: Dec 24, 2012
The new upcoming release "This is Heaven" is hot off the presses-official release is scheduled for early 2013. If you would like a pre-releae copy-please shoot me an e-mail. Fortunate to have some exceptionally talented folks help this project come to life. From the folks at White Arc Studios to the musicians to the cover art-the creative vibe from everyone throughout this journey has been unreal and it shows on the completed project-look forward to sharing.

Peace, love, joy and all the best to everyone,


Recording Project Posted: Jun 28, 2012
I started a new recording project in June-well-not really-started it when I started writing some of the songs to be included-some of which I've been working on for some time. Probably the hardest thing was to choose which songs to include-as I had quite a back log of material to choose from since my last project "Complete the Circle". Excited about this project-primarily because of the songs-the audience at shows has been very positive-they just seemed to get into them and enjoy the. Plus-where I'm recording it is pretty darn cool too. I'll keep you posted.

Lost Time and Melodies Posted: May 13, 2009
Recently posted this new song to the website-seeing the people we love get old and the related loss of physical and mental abilities is difficult-our elders are our national treasures-we need to take care of them.

Peace always,


Well Now Posted: Mar 18, 2009
Pie baby-yes pie-fighting a cold and have found that pie-especially a berry pie is the best answer. Have a number of new songs in the hopper-couple of love songs, ballad about a famous outlaw and a hard driving blues tune-plus a number of other songs yet to be recorded. Some studio time may be on the horizon.

Peace always,


Complete the Circle-new release Posted: Sep 25, 2008
It's almost completed-the new release "Complete the Circle"-seven new songs that include the ballad "Boy With the Fife", the 10 minute reggae/jazz fusion jam "The Time has Come", the insightful "Prophets and Sages", the upbeat swing in "Yeah, Yeah (Politician) Blues", hardhitting rocker "Turn the Night into Day", twelve string, pedal steel laced "Roll Like a River" and the ending with the rising/climbing climax in "Complete the Circle". Look forward to sharing these songs.

Kindest regards,