Ken (KD) Bantz
We Can Make It If We Try

Lyric Credits: KD Bantz
Music Credits: KD Bantz
Publisher Credits: Jon Gillespie and KD Bantz
Performance Credits: KD Bantz vocals, dobro, guitars, Tim Beeler bass, Kenny Aronoff drums
Story Behind the Song:
I wanted a capstone song for the "Blue Sky Sessions" album I was working on in the studio-something to recap a lot of feelings I was having about the music on the album and the world and wanted to end on a positive note of hope. So I sat down one morning and wrote this song in a couple of hours-it was like it was being channeled through me-the song ends with a concept my Father emphasized to me in an inscription he made in the Bible he gave me when I graduated from high school from 1st Corinthians 13:13, that regardless of what the world throws at us love, faith and hope will guide us through any storm "with love, faith and hope we can make fit ion we try". Then the coolest thing happened, Jon Gillespie my producer/engineer thought it would be cool if we could get Kenny Aronoff to do the drums on the song-so we contacted him, let him here it and he was in-and what a job he did!! Peace, love and all the best. KdB
Song Length 8:23
Primary Genre Rock-General
Tempo / Feel Rock-Americana
Tempo / Feel Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1 Hope
Subject Matter 2 Life
Mood 1 Troubled
Mood 2 Exultant
Similar Artist 1 Mark Knopfler
Language English